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December 6th, 2013

draconis: Default icon (Default)
Friday, December 6th, 2013 01:55 pm
For all of you being hit by this weather, and those of you still in its path, please stay safe and warm.

We're... still on the leading edge of ugly. Tree branches and wires are starting to get sheathed in ice.

The forecasters are comparing this to the storm we got in '94. During that one, there were sections of the city that lost power for about a week, if I remember correctly. We came through that one very well -- we lost cable for a couple of hours. Here's hoping we have similar luck this time.

We're decently stocked for supplies. If we do lose power, we'll still have the ability to cook our food, thanks to my hiking gear. And while they're not an optimal solution, tea-light heaters are simple to make, and we have a good number of tea lights (and other candles) in the house as well. Best of all, the water heater is gas, so we may be able to maintain hot water even in a power outage. Even if the pilot light goes, that thing is insulated well enough that we'd have hot water for a day or two.

We also have good friends in parts of the city, such that we're each on different sections of the city power grid. If they lose power, we have spare beds, futons, etc here that they can use.

If we vanish from the 'Net for a few days, don't worry too much -- we'll be okay.